Word Of Chairman

Word of Chairman

Washington, DC, November 1st, 2012

Dear Visitor, leader at our Hospitality Industry:


You made the right choice in visiting our Web site.. After being the President of Cham Palaces and Hotels, I decide to create in 1990 Royal Regency International hotels as a US Management, and operation of Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.


This Year is a great year for our Industry as the recovery process of our economy that did hit hard our industry since 2009 start to improve our Occupancy rate as well as our GOP and ROI.


We need always to continue to invest and to create Jobs at our industry, as we are the Leaders investing and hiring and reducing the poverty in the World.


We need to conciliate Hospitality and tourism in respecting the environment and associate local human factors to projects that will give a better life.

I do believe strongly in our industry, leading all other industries worldwide. We are the Leaders of this industry, leaders in investing, Leaders in taking risk, Leaders in creating Jobs, Leaders in promoting our cities and countries in promoting our Hotels located there, Leaders in creating Jobs and employing more than 65 millions people worldwide and contributing about 1000 billion USD annually in the Global Economy.


I do hope that together we can help you developing your project and realizing a return that will help you to continue developing and investing for new hotels every day.


Dr. Ghassan AIDI, chairman